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Welcome To S6 HUB

Although a target driven educational tool, S6 HUB is fun.
Our subject area test zones allows students to push themselves at skills that they enjoy, while also challenging them to concentrate on weaker areas. With over one hundred thousand questions in essential educational areas we help students thrive in the examination arena.

Parent Integrated Monitoring

Keeping the parents informed with the standards being achieved by their child is the foundation of the S6 HUB experience. Though a dedicated scheduled, and specific communications process, we keep parents up to date with progress being made by their child. A parents accessible area also provides a one stop shop for an instant overview of the progress being made.

Family Access to S6 HUB

Families with more than one student can take advantage of the added functionality offered by the S6 HUB family service. Families enjoy all of the individual services of S6 HUB with added features for the parents, to compare their children's progress against one another and highlight areas for focus and further development.

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Why Choose S6 HUB?

Bespoke Test System

With over one hundred thousand question our systems have been developed to specifically focus on the needs of the student and parents. We keep the emphasis on testing and stretching students abilities. Although a powerful service the user experience is sleek and efficient. Parental communication is a primary concern and S6 HUB has an absolute commitment to keep them involved and in touch with there child's development.

Full Scope Questioning

We have a vast bank of questions that our team of Educationalists is continually growing. We have broken the subjects into component topics and skillsets and graded those appropriate to your child's development. The testing system encourages the student to push themselves in areas that they are comfortable in and forces them to progress in areas that need improvement.

Parental Inclusion

S6 HUB is dependant on a shared desire for success. With direct and concise feed back on student performances a parent can quickly focus on areas for development as well as give praise for excellence and improvement. Through continued testing and feedback parents can monitor and intercede in areas of difficulty.